See That About Page…

I wrote my aims on the about page, so to get where I am coming from, feel free to check that out. I went to some website where you pick out all of the parts you want to put in your computer.

Additionally, like on those RateMe sites I have never submitted pictures to where they said I should work on my comb over, you can post all of your parts and the guys and gals in the community can tell you where you need to focus or where you might need help.

I posted my “build” as it’s called and somebody dropped off this jewel (when I took the screen shot, I didn’t include the username, because I was concerned all of my fans from this absolutely crucial blog might start a witch hunt):


I said, “Ok, pal. I can take a licking when I need to, so, be brutal with me. Tell me where I went wrong. What do I need help with?”


So I bought all of the parts, as I took this to mean that those who need help must help themselves.

Images of my rad build coming soon!


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