So, I received some computer parts…

I have received some computer parts! Long time followers of this crucial blog will remember that I was harshly criticized by “the anonymous internet” for my choice of parts. I don’t really understand why, so, once I have received everything, I will report back with any quality issues.

Frankly, given my limited knowledge and experience, the only issue I see here is the RAM. I have no idea what I have, but a tech-savvy friend handed me some RAM they weren’t using and told me it would work.

Here is what I have so far (text description below respective images, not above):

This is a motherboard that was relatively cheap. I saw some good reviews about it, and the bad ones I saw all looked like they were related to issues that were covered in the warranty. So, I took a shot.


This is “weak sauce.” I get it. Stop telling me. I just want to put something together that runs an operating system.


This was delivered to me in bubble wrap with no factory packaging. That was weird. If this don’t work, I’m gonna have some words. It’s a hard drive, for those wondering.


This is a solid state drive. I don’t know much more about it, other than it is supposed to be fast, and everybody on the anonymous internet said I should have one.


This is the RAM that friend gave me. I haven’t invested in this, so, if it doesn’t work, I’ll likely be picking some up. They said it would be fine, but, I reckon I’ll be the judge of that.

Alright, next I need to get a case, a graphics card, and some cooling unit people said I should have.

I already have a monitor and all of that peripheral business (yeah, I get it, nothing l33t or whatever, it’s just a screen and a wireless keyboard/mouse combo).

One more thing…

I am still researching the bitcoin business. I was looking at a company called Genesis, and I was concerned — the reviews that looked like they could have been written by a human were all bad, while all of the positive reviews were like “It’s good, please do.”

Still looking and watching YouTubes. It sounds like this is really gaining steam these days, so I kinda want to get on board before the cause is lost!


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