Securing Security…

There’s one more thing…

I didn’t add to my list on the about page of this internet-crucial blog: I am also interested in learning about security online.

This in addition to my interest in BitCoin probably makes me sound like some cyber criminal, but I’m not — I’m quite a square, actually. I just find these things interesting.

Over the past few months, I have come across a number of people on the Twitter social media platform who have pointed out some simple steps to protecting your privacy online. One of these people is @SarahJamieLewis who seems like a super useful resource for online security.

I added a couple of browser extensions per her suggestion (and, the last one, I just stumbled upon):

  • uBlock Origin
  • HTTPS Everywhere
  • (Found accidentally) Self-Destructing Cookies

As long-time followers of this essential blog will know, I don’t know what I’m talking about. But, after some very in depth Googling, I can confidently say that HTTPS Everywhere is a good thing — even if you don’t care so much about your privacy online.

uBlock Origin blocks ads.

And, finally, Self-Destructing Cookies literally deletes cookies from sites after you close the browser tab for that site. If you are a complete novice, like me, Self-Destructing cookies is the most fun of these extensions, because I had no idea how many sites were putting cookies on my computer until I turned that on (hint: it’s most if not all).

Here are the links to those things (they are all free), even though a quick internet search would likely pull them up (also, I am using them on Firefox here):

As I said above and I say all the time, I am no pro here. But, I think knowing how you are being tracked online can’t hurt; and I feel like taking at least some kind of control over the footprint you leave behind can’t be a bad thing. So, I’d like to learn more about that.

Anyway, some other internet person I can’t remember pointed me to an article by @hacks4pancakes (what does that mean; like literally? or is that internet code slang?) about removing data that has been collected on you from the internet.

That article can be found here:

Again, the woman who wrote this appears to be an absolutely crucial resource for information security, and, based on how she wrote this article, it sounds like even a bozo like me could do this. I’d like to go through all of her steps and see how much info about me is just hanging out on the internet!


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