If you say the word “Admittedly” syllable for syllable, you may find (as I did) that you pronounce this word “At”-“mid”-“ehtly.” At least in the first two syllables, this is completely backwards.


It has been some time since I posted here, and the reason for that is this: Admittedly, I am very boring. I would like to think that I am the sort of person who is very good at keeping up with a blog; however, this is not the case. I have done a lot of nose picking and wedgie-correcting since my last post and not much more.

Updates: I have bought all of the remaining pieces of my computer (I am poised to build a working machine, and we shall see how “easy” such a task is); and I have commandeered bitcoin in such a way that I should be purchasing something from the darknet soon (one of my goals from this year — to be clear [Dear, NSA Reader] and to reiterate [Dear, Vigilante Reader]: nothing illegal; I am just interested in learning how to purchase wares in such a manner).

These updates have been entered into the log.

Read ahead to hear about more technical updated.

Technical Updates: I have installed the program “VirtualBox” on my Mac. I will not detail here the many ways to upload operating systems into this program, as there are so many YouTube videos on this topic (write me for a recommendation if you can find nothing useful); however, I have loaded two Linux programs named Kali and Security Onion into this system.

This may seem (to the lesser technical bunch) to be an accomplishment. Praise Be!

It turns out that you can get these Operating Systems to run without knowing a god damn thing about anything but how to tie a fishing line.

So, Kali and Security Onion are both complex, professional-level systems. I am watching YouTube videos to understand them — needless to say, I do not yet understand them in any meaningful way.

Me… Vs… Tech.


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