Here I Am…

I am getting older…

…and I thought I would try to understand this “technology” all of the kids are talking about.

I started a Twitter account for the sole purpose of following techish people on the internet. This has allowed me to grow my vocabulary (*733t h4x0r tech keks*) and to find some very interesting content — such as the Twitter-like website Mastodon, for one example. Hopefully I can write about that stuff.

Completely unlearned, but, before the end of the year, I would like to complete the following:

  • Buy something with BitCoin (nothing illegal, I just have no idea what BitCoin is)
  • Develop a personal website (This doesn’t count, but I’ll document it here!)
  • Contribute to a project on GitHub
  • Build a personal computer (Everyone I’ve asked who’s done this says it is surprisingly easy, so maybe I’ll start there)

These probably sound very underwhelming, but I am trying to keep my goal realistic. My therapist told me that I never finish projects because I always see them as too far from being complete due to unrealistic goal setting. I am taking coding classes currently, but, the things I mentioned above I find super interesting, though I have absolutely zero experience with any of them.

What’s a BitCoin? Somebody told me it was a string of numbers. I can make that in my mom’s basement, so why don’t I have any BitCoins? What’s a GitHub? Somebody told me that the guy who made Linux made it. How do you make Linux? What is Word Press? I found this site, and then I looked up YouTube videos on how to make a Word Press site, and it said I had to download some application? I didn’t download no application to make this site?

All of these questions and more will hopefully answered here.